There’s just something deeply disconcerting about finding unwanted creatures in your home. After all, you usually get to decide who’s living in your house (except when the in-laws stop by, of course!), and suddenly there are ants, roaches, or mice who have decided that your pantry is their personal buffet. Add to that the way they move — scampering, slithering, sliding, crawling, creeping — and there’s just something about these unwanted guests that just makes humans feel weird inside.

Of course, there’s also the health problems that accompany problem critters. Mice and rats can carry diseases, as can ticks and mosquitoes. The health of your house also has to be taken into consideration, whether it’s termites eating the wood frame or squirrels chewing their way into an attic.

Why Aren’t DIY Methods Working?

Most people will start their pest control with a trip to a big-box store. They’ll search the options — ant traps, rat poison, roach hotels — and grab one that they saw an ad for on TV. Unfortunately, the marketing of these products is usually better than the products themselves. Yes, they might get rid of some of the ants or knock back the roach population for a short time, but in general they don’t offer a real solution.

Once the DIY options have been used up, it’s time to contact a professional exterminator. Local pest control experts in Braintree can help you get rid of your problem critters, whether you need termite treatments, mouse control, or live-trap wildlife removal. Professional exterminators can also help stop pests before they start with tools for mosquito and tick prevention. 

Contact Professional Pest Control!

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