If you love American history, Plymouth is a great place to be. If you love being pest-free, then you’d better call an exterminator…because this part of the country has a host of critters you don’t want in your home!

Having pests in and around your home isn’t just a nuisance. Rats and mice can carry diseases, as do mosquitoes and ticks. Many insects can end up getting into your food and ruining it. Of course, there’s also the very real possibility of termites taking up residence in the walls of your home and doing thousands of dollars in damage.

So, when faced with these problems, what are you going to do about them?

Do You Need Pest Control Services?

For many people, the first inclination is to try the do-it-yourself method. They’ll pick up something at a big box store, whether it’s physical rat traps or chemical ant poison. Most people will put it out and be disappointed with the results, simply because the “solutions” you find in a typical store just can’t provide the performance of a professional exterminator.

When you call a pest control company, you’ll be working with people who know exactly what works and what doesn’t. While the products in stores are meant to be used in every state across the country, a local pest control expert will know exactly what works here in Plymouth.

Contact Your Local Exterminators Today!

At Safety Fumigant Company, we’ve been in business for more than 90 years. As you might expect, we’ve learned quite a bit over the decades and know our prey very well. From tick prevention to ant extermination to live-trapping of larger animals, we’re ready to be your Plymouth pest control company. Contact us today with questions or to schedule an appointment!