At some point, most houses end up having some sort of pest control problem. Mice can move in from a neighboring field, ants find a way into the pantry, or termites — the most concerning problem — start to eat away at a home’s interior. 

Once the problem is noticed, too many people try to handle it themselves. After all, there are pest control products on the shelves at the store, so someone must be having luck with them. Unfortunately, these products are often underpowered and only help reduce the problem for a short amount of time (and they’re often hoping you’ll end up buying it again and again to keep the bugs at bay).

If you’ve run out of solutions at the store, it’s time to get the problem fixed. So ask yourself,…

What’s Next?

It’s time to contact the experts. No matter whether your pests are a nuisance (such as ants, spiders, and silverfish), destructive (like termites), or downright dangerous (ticks and mosquitoes), it’s best to contact a professional to handle your pest control situation. 

When you call a professional exterminator, you know you’re getting the right treatment for the right pest. There’s no guesswork when you hire someone with decades of experience and a dedication to ridding homes of problems. 

Contact a Pest Control Expert!

For over 90 years, Safety Fumigant Company has been dealing with the pests that plague people throughout the Whitman area. We want to help everyone in this area of Massachusetts feel safe when they are at home, whether having dinner inside or enjoying the backyard.

When you have a pest problem and need an exterminator, you don’t want to trust your home — and your family’s health — to just anyone. Contact the experts who know exactly which treatments will work the first time so that you can get your life back on track.