Do you have pests in your home or business that you want gone? Fact is, you probably wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. Most people don’t take preventive measures when it comes to pest control, and they only address the problem once they start seeing evidence of ants, termites, silverfish, earwigs, mice, or rats on their property

Chances are also good that, if you’re at a local exterminator’s website, you’ve already tried some of the do-it-yourself options from your local hardware store. You might have even gotten a recommendation from an employee on which one to grab off the shelf. Once you found out that it didn’t work — or only stopped your pest control problem for a short time — you probably realized what so many others do: a professional pest control expert is often the best choice. 

What’s Wrong With DIY Pest Control?

Too many do-it-yourself pest control products offer a “one-size-fits-all” approach. They treat all ants the same, or lump problem creatures together (flea and tick spray or mouse and rat traps). This approach almost always makes the treatment weaker and less effective, only beating back the population for a short amount of time. Of course, consumer pest control product manufacturers hope you’ll come back and buy again hoping to finish your pests off. Unfortunately, they never quite get the job done.

What you need is a pro who can tailor the treatment to your particular pest. While mice and rats might be related, rodent control can be very different for each. Ants and termites might look similar — and even have similar types of behaviors — but treatments for each will be very different. Wildlife control, such as possum or squirrel removal, is also specialized because of the live-traps and relocation we do.

Who Should You Call?

If you need your pests gone, it’s time to call a local exterminator with a stellar reputation. For over 90 years, people in the Middleborough area have been trusting Safety Fumigant Company with their pest control needs. 

We’d love to work with you to make your home or business a more comfortable place. Contact us today to get started!