There’s nearly a 100-percent chance that you’ve been stung sometime in your life. And the chances are just as high that you’ve been bothered by a stinging insect sometime during the past year. Maybe they buzzed past your head, scared you when you were in the garden, or bothered you when you were trying to have a nice outdoor meal on the deck.

Of course, not all of these insects were the same. While they’re often lumped together — and feared equally in some cases — there are actually some big differences between insects that are often labeled as bees. As you local pest control service, we’ll handle them all if they get to be a nuisance, but we also think it’s important for us to educate you as much as possible.  

Bee Removal

Bees are fuzzy and awesome. We say that because, compared to the next two entries on this list, they’re much more docile than wasps and hornets. Honey bees, for instance, seldom sting unless you handle them extensively or step on them. In most cases, they’ll just land on you and then fly off again. Sweat bees are one of the few exceptions, since they’re actually attracted to human sweat.

There are many types of bees, such as honey bees, bumble bees, and carpenter bees. What they all have in common is that they’re fuzzy. Bees are incredibly important to the environment because of the pollination they perform, and the fuzz on their body helps with this.

In general, we like to leave bees alone. But if they start building a nest inside a house, that’s when we need to get involved.

Wasp Exterminator

Okay, now we’re getting into “insect jerk” territory. Wasps, which include yellowjackets, seem to be flying around just looking for a reason to sting you. Wasps are larger than honeybees, and the primary difference is that they are omnivores. While they do very little pollination, they do spend quite a bit of time around fruit (and soda) in order to get sugar. But they also eat other insects, or, if you’re trying to have a picnic, hamburgers.

Wasps are not fuzzy, and, like we said, they tend to be jerks. Yellowjackets will also build their nests just about anywhere, including the eaves of houses and the posts of decks. If you need a wasp exterminator, our pest control services are ready to help.

Hornet Exterminator

Hornets look big and bad, but they’re usually not as aggressive as wasps. Part of that reason could be that they’re primarily carnivores, specifically insectivores. So while a wasp might fight you for your turkey sandwich, a hornet won’t bug you unless you’re chowing down on some cockroaches.

Need Pest Control?

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