Beetle Nation
Beetles are one of the most common bugs and can be found just about everywhere on the planet. However, they often come in droves and infest homes in various seasons of the year. Our job as bug exterminators is to take care of them the minute you realize that they are in your home.

Stink Bugs
During the fall season you may notice some foul smells or interesting-looking beetles. Stink bugs are wintering over bugs that find areas and openings to gain access to homes and spend the winter in the attic until the spring again. During the fall and spring, you may notice them swarm. For stink bug removal, give Safety Fumigant a call!

Carpet Beetles
Carpet beetles are the most common beetle in the northern states. This beetle infests carpets and feeds on the fabric. In addition, it feeds on animal products that are left undisturbed, such as wool, leather, fur, and other materials.

Powder Post Beetles
These pests are second only to termites in destroying wood. They leave small, round holes in wooden articles, along with a residue of fine, power-like dust. If you think you might need termite control, you might actually need a bug exterminator who deals with powder post beetles.


Snow Bugs & Pill Bugs
Snow bugs and pill bugs prefer moist locations and can be found under vegetable debris or any objects on damp ground. They frequently invade damp basements and crawl spaces and may infest potted plants.

Carpenter Ants
Carpenter ants are found throughout the United States in a variety of species. The tunnels they excavate in the wood are clean and almost sandpapered in appearance, unlike termite tunnels. If you need ant control, give us a call.

House Ants
You can find a wide variety of the species throughout North America. Most feed on organic matter and are especially attracted to sweet foods. Their colonies hibernate in the soil or in garden trash, often causing residents to call us for ant control.