In our most recent blogs, we’ve been writing about many of the furry critters that we deal with here at our pest control company. Customers often call us up for mouse control or rat control, or they contact us regarding live wildlife removal.

But today we’re not going to deal with anything that has fur. Yes, some of them might have hair (wasps and spiders have certain types of hair, after all), but today is not the day to talk about mammals. Today we’re going to talk about our role as bug exterminators, and the specific reasons that people contact us so often. After all, some bugs can be seen and escorted outside. Some can crawl behind the piano and you don’t really mind letting them go. But these bugs…these are the bugs you want dead.

We Handle Cockroach Control

Is there any bug more hated than the cockroach? While there are more disgusting bugs out there…oh, who are we kidding, there aren’t really any bugs out there more disgusting than cockroaches. The presence of cockroaches are pretty much shorthand for “this place is dirty.”

Why do people want to get rid of cockroaches so much? Well, first of all, they just seem to be able to survive anything, so it takes a professional to really make sure they’re gone. They come in all sorts of sizes and can flatten themselves to get into nooks and crannies that are hard to get to. Of course, their interest in moist places means that they often show up in places that we want to keep clean. Those clean dishes in the dish dryer? They’re there. The bathroom sink and the toothbrush next to it? Yup. Plus they have the annoying habit of hanging out while it’s dark and then scurrying when the lights go on. In other words, you just know that they’ll be coming back the moment you turn the lights back off.

Oh, and some of them can fly. So yeah, they’re horrible.

We’re Your Termite Exterminators

There are some pretty bugs out there, so long as you don’t get up really close. Butterflies are beautiful, beetles can have iridescent green and blue shells, and ladybugs are actually considered cute. (They have really good PR people.)

Termites, on the other hand, are just plain ugly. They are a sickening semi-translucent white or orange, a weird body shape that is far from cute, and have mandibles that look pretty dangerous. Oh, and they tend to stick together is big writhing clumps.

Of course, the worst of it is the damage they cause. Termites might be beneficial in breaking down dead logs out in the forest, but they also want to start eating the dead lumber that makes up the frame of your house. In doing so, they cause billions of dollars in damage in our country per year. We’re more than happy to help get rid of them and protect your house.

We Provide Tick Prevention

People hate blood suckers for some reason. Bed bug, mosquitoes, and ticks are simply some of the most despised creatures on the planet, those “nobody would miss them if they were gone” sorts of critters.

Here’s one way in which ticks are actually less bad than mosquitoes and bed bugs: ticks stick around. While bed bugs attack you when you’re sleeping and mosquitoes inject you with anesthetic so that you don’t feel their bite until they’re done, ticks will latch on so that you can exact revenge on them with your opposable thumbs (didn’t see that coming, did you, Mr. Tick?!) Unfortunately, by the time you find them on your body (or a pet’s), they’ve already transmitted any diseases they might have. Bed bugs might be cowards, but at least they don’t give you Lyme disease.

What’s the best way to stop ticks from getting you or your loved ones sick? Tick prevention. We can treat your yard so that it’s a dangerous place for ticks, wiping out them and the future generations they would have created.

Let Us Handle Your Pest Control

If you have any of these tiny monsters in your home or yard, we’re ready to help you get rid of them. Not only are they disgusting, but your health — or, in the case of termites, the health of your home — might be at stake. Contact Safety Fumigant today and we’ll take care of your insect problem!