Until they actually see a mouse or rat scurrying around their home, most people don’t think that they have a rodent problem. They might see some mouse droppings in the pantry and think that the bag of brown rice spilled. They might hear scurrying noises and dismiss it as a squirrel scampering on the roof. And if there’s a strange smell in the house, it’s easy to blame it on the pets.

People will come up with excuses to ignore the real problem all the time for one simple reason: having rodents in the home is considered socially unacceptable. For many people, admitting that they need rodent control means admitting that they have a dirty house. The fact is, pests can get into any home new or old, messy or clean. Most of the time, it’s just bad luck that allows a rodent to set up house in your own house.


With so many people unaware of the signs of a rodent infestation, we thought we’d spend the next couple of articles telling you all about the things to look for when you have an inkling that you might have to call a mice or rat exterminator.

Damaged Food Containers

One of the first signs of rodents that people notice is damaged food containers. Rodents will eat just about anything, and they’re often not just content to take the crumbs that fall to the floor of the pantry…they want the whole pantry!

Rodent teeth are incredibly sharp, which means that a cereal box and the bag inside can be compromised in under a minute. If you notice any sort of chew marks on your food containers, don’t ignore them; call for pest control right away. And be sure to check for…


Droppings, aka rodent feces, are fairly easy to identify. Like we said before, it kind of looks like uncooked black or brown rice. Besides the obvious “yuck factor” of having their feces so close to your food, please know that rodent feces can also carry disease, so rodents might make you sick even if you never see them.


When most of us think of tracks, we imagine an animal that has left foot indentations in mud. Since there’s no mud in your kitchen, how can you look for tracks?

The most common place to find rodent tracks is in the mess that they’ve already left. For instance, if a mouse or rat chews through a bag of powdered sugar, they might leave their telltale prints on the shelf or take the sugar with them on their feet and end up leaving the tracks on the floor. You might also be able to find tracks in very dusty areas, such as a cellar floor.

Scurrying Noises

Don’t dismiss scurrying noises in your house. Rodents often make their way through a house by moving inside the walls, so if you hear scurrying noises it might be time to call a pest control expert.

Visual Confirmation

The most obvious way that most people know that they need a pest control expert is when they see the little rodents with their own eyes. Don’t wait for the second sighting before calling for rodent control!

Do You Think You Need Pest Control?

If you’ve experienced any of the points above, it might be time to call pest control. And be sure to come back next time to discover five more signs that it’s time to contact a rodent exterminator.