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Probably since the beginning of human existence, rats have been with us. These opportunistic feeders will eat just about anything, which is why they tend to be around humans. They are useful in that sense, being that they will eat our trash. Rats prefer grains, seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables, but they are not picky.

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Rats and mice have always lived near humans. However, the problem with this is that rats and mice don’t discriminate in food, meaning they will eat our grains and more that is for human consumption and not just the garbage. The other problem with rats is that they carry fleas that can cause diseases in humans, most notably The Black Plague that killed millions of people from the 16th to the 18th century.

Enter the rat catcher. Rat infestations in big cities such as London and in Europe was a huge problem. With the rise of Industrialization in the 1800s, the rise of sanitation did not accompany it. This meant that the environment of trash in the streets was ripe for rat populations to soar. This was also a time of incredible poverty in Europe, so humans earned a living as they could, one being rat catchers.

Rat catchers would chase down rats in sewers and in the streets, capturing them with their bare hands, with traps, or by using terrier dogs. This helped to control the rat population and the spread of disease.

In essence, anytime there is a great abundance of food, rats congregate. Another example of a rat problem was in the trenches of World War I. They would eat discarded food, rotting bodies, the leather straps of guns, anything. They spread diseases with their fleas and urine, bit people, stole food, and disrupted sleep. Terriers and ferrets were in high demand.

Finally, as sanitation improved throughout the world, rats retreated back to their natural environment, eliminating the need for rat catchers.


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