When we live in a home, we like to decide who comes and goes. We don’t just leave our doors open so that anyone can walk in, because we like to have control over our guests. Unfortunately, carpenter ants just don’t seem to care what we want!

Carpenter ants can be annoying. They can get into the pantry and chew through some food containers, but they’re not going to bother you aside from the “ick” factor. Carpenter ants are another story, and that’s why it’s so important to call a carpenter ant exterminator in Massachusetts when you first see signs of carpenter ants in — or around — your home.

What makes carpenter ants such a problem is what gives them their name. These ants have sharp mandibles and are able to chew through dead wood in order to make nests. This is actually helpful when they’re in the forest, because it helps to decompose dead logs and recycle plant matter. But once you realize that the framing of your house is also made from dead trees…well, you see the problem. Carpenter ants might not actually be eating your house like termites do, but they can do a similar level of damage as they chew through your house’s supports.

Hire a Carpenter Ant Exterminator

Carpenter ants aren’t something you can ignore and just hope they go away. If they have built a home inside your walls, they’re just going to keep multiplying, carving out pathways through your frame and searching for food in your kitchen. It’s time to contact an ant exterminator.

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