Fleas and ticks are so much more than a nuisance to your pet. They are dangerous to cats, dogs, and humans, carrying diseases that can even be deadly. That’s why you want to give a pest control service a call as soon as possible when you need flea and tick exterminators.

One positive aspect of flea and tick treatments is that we don’t necessarily have to see them in order to get rid of them. Professional flea and tick prevention can start on your lawn, killing them before they get anywhere near your pet or family members.

Cat Fleas
Cat fleas are most common during the summer, especially when homes are reoccupied after vacation. These pests prefer to make cats, dogs, people, and a variety of other animals their hosts.

Brown Dog Ticks
Brown dog ticks are found most often in the ears, between the toes, and on the backs of dogs. After feeding, they retire to baseboards, molding, around window-cord pulleys, and other protected openings.