When most people think about pest control, they often imagine rat removal or ant control. But other pest problems can be just as problematic when the creatures arrive en masse, and that’s why we also offer extermination services for the following.

Firebrat and Silverfish Exterminators
Silverfish and firebrats are among the most common insects you find in the home. They eat paper, fabrics, and get into cereals. Firebrats prefer temperatures of more than 90 degrees and are usually are not found living among silverfish.

Millipede Exterminators
Millipedes are normally found outdoors in damp places, such as under leaves and in mulch. At times, they swarm into building basements and first-floor rooms.

Housefly Exterminators
The common housefly lays eggs in almost any moist and warm material, such as manure, decaying vegetable material, and garbage. They rest on floors, walls, ceilings, electrical cords, and just about anywhere.

Earwig Exterminators
Earwigs are active at night and hide in cracks or underneath objects during the day. Most species scavenge on dead animal and plant material and lay eggs in underground burrows.

Spider Exterminators
Depending on the species, spiders can be found in both damp and warm, dry parts of buildings. Most species hide in cracks, darkened areas, or in shelters they make from silk.